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The use of a distributed registry – a blockchain – is considerated in the field of intellectual property law already for several years. Blockchain allows participants to create a database in which all objects and any transactions with them are available to users and are completely transparent. To date, electronic registries of a data accounting system, created in many countries of the world, are mostly tools for providing services to citizens and businesses through special Internet portals. To implement this idea, which is so attractive for citizens and business, not so much is needed: the register of services, the register of participants, the mechanism for identifying participants and the online payment system for payment of services. On the technical side, the electronic registry system, although seems grandiose in terms of scale and security requirements, is quite feasible: a large, centrally-managed database and a number of applications that implement its connection to web interfaces.

At the current stage, the development of blockchain technologies has made it possible to reflect on fundamentally new opportunities for the implementation of electronic registries. Our team decided to create its own independent platform of distributed registry for patented technologies and inventions, which includes:


The platform includes:


General register of patents for inventions and technologies, including the countries in which they are registered

The first obvious and most important advantage of the decentralized platform “Patentico” in comparison with standard databases is the ultimate protection of information from falsification. This means that data on citizens, inventions, technologies, etc., after being entered into the registry registers, is almost impossible to change. The most important consequence of this ultimate reliability is the ability to use these registers as full-fledged legally significant documents: a record in the blockchain register becomes more reliable than any paper with a signature and a seal, and it is also avalible always and everywhere.


Crowdfunding platform for inventors

In modern realities of the world economy, the market of crowdfunding occupies a leading position in terms of the intensity of growth in the volume of investments and the ease with which they are attracted. However, a high degree of congestion and, as a result, high fees for their services, allow crowd-hosting platforms to control the market participants. The technology of blockchain, smart contracts and crypto-currencies form a new niche in the market of attracting investments. The fundamental difference between ICO and crowdfunding lies in the nature of the asset that the investor acquires. During crowdfunding participant invests in the project of fiat money, preparing, in fact, pre-order for the final product, which intends to release the project. ICO also involves the purchase of actual digital tokens, through which it will be able to use the services of the project after its launch. In addition, in most cases, such tokens can be traded on the exchange, and investors may also be granted certain rights of the shareholder. The fact is that in the course of the evolution of crowdfunding, the collection of money ceased to be the sole and most important function of the ICO. Frequently issued to ICO tokens are used as the project’s internal currency, for performing various actions on the created platform. The very existence of such block-platforms depends on the liquidity and movement of their tokens in the market. Initially, by orienting our platform on the field of the object of intellectual property (OIP), we will create new conditions and opportunities for authors, producers and investors. By combining them in one common information field, we will form a new ecosystem in which the authors of inventions will be able to obtain a full range of services: from an expert assessment of the “economic attractiveness” of patents to the ICO in order to popularize and introduce their technologies. Based on the assessment from the community, expressed through the system of ratings and marks. Thanks to the approval of the ecosystem and the use of platform tools, the author will greatly simplify the receipt of a technical solution for the development of a smart contract with further PreICO and / or ICO. Publications on our site will simplify the search for attractive projects for a wide range of individuals, from private investors to those interested in capitalizing or applying inventions of companies. Publications on our specialized site will simplify the search for attractive projects for a wide range of interested parties, from private investors to those interested in capitalizing or applying inventions of companies. Patentico charges a commission for successfully conducted ICO in the form of 4% of the funds collected during the period of crowd sale.


Marks and Ratings

The platform will include a system of marks and ratings and an objective assessment of the demand for patents on a variety of indicators, thus forming a new system of metric assessments. This will ensure a well-deserved reward, transparency and public control over inventions in the formed ecosystem. This will ensure a well-deserved reward, transparency and public control over inventions in the formed ecosystem. Remuneration of participants is carried out due to additional emission of tokens. At this time the current users of the platform control the distribution of tokens through voting for the best invention. This rating system is an assessment of the focus on identifying and recognizing the best, most sought-after inventions that will receive a reward in the form of our crypto currency. The author can spend the funds collected for further commercialization of his patent.


Decentralized system of accounting and control of the use of patents on the basis of blockchain technologies

The second most important advantage of the “Patentico” platform is the ability to use the smart contract mechanism to automate data operations. The mechanism of smart-contracts is used to automate operations with data. If the blockchain-registry registers contain legally valid records (for example, the owner of the right to use technology or inventions), then the mechanism for transferring this right can be entrusted to a special program – smart-contract. And if the contract is retained in the locker, and at the same time, it is possible to assign legal significance. At the same time, one should pay attention to the fact that the regulatory documents – state laws and other normative acts – for the most part describe the algorithms of actions with register data. Therefore, it is possible to formulate them in the programming language of smart-contracts and also place them in the blockchain, where they will automatically perform the status of smart-laws.


Ecosystem participants

For the successful implementation of all the capabilities of the ecosystem, we plan to connect the maximum possible number of participants, namely:

  • The authors of patents and their rights holders
  • Experts who have great scientific and practical experience in the field of intellectual property protection in various fields, scientists and research teams
  • Individuals or organizations engaged in activities related to objects of intellectual property (OIP)
  • Organizations for collective management of property copyright or copyright society
  • Investment companies, corporate funds

Using the Patentico Token in the Ecosystem

Patentico (PTO) is a token created on the basis of the ETH standard ERC-20. The PTO Token will be used in the “Patentico” Ecosystem as:

  • Payment of services within the platform
  • To recieve expert evaluation in a patent
  • As a payment for writing a technical solution for the development of smart contracts
  • Rewarding the participants of Ecosystems within the “Bounty” program
  • Holders will receive a part of the profits from the realization of projects in the Patentico ecosystem

With the development of the platform, we will expand the list of possibilities for applying «Patentico»


International partner network

The “Patentico” company sets itself ambitious and achievable goals for the future. To realize the set goals and objectives, it is necessary to create a company on the basis of an international partner network, which includes leading patent offices and legal companies of foreign countries. These companies will provide a number of basic services in the field of registration and patenting of intellectual property and transactions with them, both in Russia and in other countries (China, USA, Japan, European countries, etc.). The partner network will not only solve the one-time tasks of the participants of our platform, but also implement complex protection of intellectual property. We will be able to ensure maximum protection of the exclusive rights of businesses, as well as individuals, and will help to maximize the profit from the use of intellectual property.

The problems that the «Patentico» platform will help solve

Patentico ecosystem


Authors, Producers, Experts, Investors


Distributed blockchain register of Intellectual property objects


System of ratings and expert assessments of Intellectual property

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Opportunity to participate in the sale, purchase and licensing of Intellectual Property


Carrying out a crowdfunding company on the Patentico platform by the author of the invention


International Partner network in the field of Intellectual Property